Field Service Capabilities & Emergency Contacts


  • Electrical testing and operation of control unit
  • Electrical and mechanical testing of the motor
  • Mechnical checking driven load
  • Preventative maintenance programs


Vibration Analysis
  • Using diagostic equipment to check the rotating equipment, bearings, couplings, and driven load
Laser Alignment
  • Diagnostic equipment taht checks for proper shaft and coupling alignment
Dynamic Balance
  • Fans, vertical pump motors, and rotors
Bearing Replacement
  • Removal and installation of ball, roller, and spherical anti-friction bearings
  • Removal, blueing, scraping, and proper fitting of Babbit Bearings


  • Proper use of chains, cables, and belts to lift with proper lifting devices to remove a customer's piece of equipment and out loud onto a truck to deliver back at our shop for repair
  • With various sizes and configurations of forklifts, we can lift and remove most equipment up to 30,000lbs.
  • Complete fleet of trucks that range from 1-ton pick-ups to tractor trailer lowboy service

Emergency Nights, Weekends, and Holidays: 609-587-2333; 24/7 cover by answer service

Personal Contacts

Tim Dey - President

(H) 609-758-1538

(C) 732-859-4266

Michael Megee - Vice President

(H) 609-387-2437

(C) 609-502-7618

Tony Sparano - Vice President

(H) 609-585-1680

(C) 732-575-2388